Free Design Trust webinar: Speak like a TED Talker, become better at public speaking with Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

Do you find public speaking scary?  Most of us do!

Whether you are pitching for business, doing a talk, or running a workshop or training session, there is no better way to influence and inspire people and potential clients about your work than through powerful, passionate and authentic public speaking.

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is a coach, award-winning entrepreneur, and best-selling author of How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking: Any Audience. Any Situation(Pearson).  She founded Ginger Training & Coaching and is on a mission to help small business owners to become more inspiring communicators.

She uses the great examples of the TED talks, to help explain how to improve your public speaking.  In this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of ‘what’ you will be talking about, then followed by ‘how’ – Sarah really helps to work on ‘the big picture’ of your vision and topics and the enthusiasm that comes out of that
  • The 5 behaviours of the finest ‘TED’ style speakers and how to integrate them into your own public speaking
  • How to find your vision and niche (‘your diamond’) to excite and inspire your audience
  • How to sift the waffle and get to the point
  • How to make your public speech memorable, long after you have finished speaking
  • How to use your power and presence to become more authentic
  • How to stop using notes and start talking
  • How to overcome nerves in pressured speaking situations

Sarah’s webinar really looks at the wider context, not how to ‘do’ public speaking.

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