How to write an intro email that opens doors? with an email template and do’s and dont’s

Emails are a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients or to follow up when you have met them or heart about them.

But writing emails from scratch can take up a lot of time, so it is good to have a ‘model marketing letter’. However, it is important to tweak it slightly each time to personalise it for your specific contact or purpose this time.

A successful intro email template

Firstly, start your email with an opening line that creates a personal connection between you and the recipient e.g. ‘Johnny Dorey from Galery O suggested I contact you’, or ‘I noticed that you have been exhibiting the work of xxx’, or ‘I met you last week at xxx’.

Secondly, highlight the benefits of what you offer and the needs that you can fulfill. Describe some potential problems or challenges your potential client might have, and how you would be able to help them e.g. ‘Are you still looking for that really special wedding ring?’, ‘Are you struggling with getting your website of the ground?’.

Describe in a bit more detail about how you would deal with a problem like that, your solution, and if possibly any actual client results you created recently. Avoid any jargon as much as possible. If you actually met them and know a bit more about their needs then you can describe this here in more detail.

Then briefly describe what qualifies you to provide the service you are offering.

You finish the email with ‘a call to action’ and what you will do next.

Here is an example of an intro email:

Dear Barbara

It was great to meet you last Tuesday at the Women Unltd lunch. You mentioned that you want to create a website for your lingerie business, and that you would like to know more about our graphic and web design services. Here is some information about how we work:

We specialise in helping small creative business clients with their design needs, from logo’s and corporate identities, to packaging and websites. We want to create unique promotional and marketing designs that work for our clients and reflect who they are, at a price that they can afford.

We start with a short discussion to identify our client’s needs, what has been working so far, and what they want to achieve. We then will have a meeting to discuss some examples and budgets, and to create together a design brief and plan. We then work closely with our clients to implement the new website or corporate identity as smooth as possible.

We have recently finished a website for Delicious Dot Com and we also worked with Fabulous Francesca on rebranding and re-launching their e-commerce site. You can find more information about these and other projects on our website www…

I would love to find out more about your website requirements, and to see if we could work together. If you have any queries, please contact me, alternatively I could give you a ring next Tuesday afternoon?

Kind regards

Petra Charles

Do’s and dont’s for intro emails:

  • The purpose of this initial email is to get noticed in a positive way, and to get the recipient to contact you by email or phone (probably to ask for further details, hopefully to arrange a meeting or presentation). Avoid overly promotional copy and too much focus on selling in your first email. Selling takes places over a number of stages, and you can learn more about that process by clicking the link.
  • Keep the tone of your email personal, friendly, helpful, informative and professional. Show that you have done your research and that you are selective in approaching them. (Make sure that you address the recipient by their right title and spelling of name!) Remember this is an email to someone you want to get noticed by, and want to build a relationship with.
  • Make sure that you contact the most appropriate person. A director or editor will get many many emails, and you might have more luck contacting a Sales Director or Features Editor instead. If you want to contact press you might find these expert PR tips useful.
  • Keep initial emails short! Around 250 words.
  • Don’t send too many attachments, as they will fill up inboxes and might be slow to receive.
  • You might want to think when the best time is to send an email. Their inbox might be pretty full after a holiday or Monday morning, so sending out an email Monday afternoon might be a better option.
  • Create different model emails for different services or products that you offer. Once you have created these model emails, all you have to change is the opening line where you state your connection, and specific ways in how you can help.
  • Why not send a letter or postcard instead of an email? We all like to get ‘snail mail’ and you might actually stand out from the crowd more this way! You can put together a special package for that special potential client.
  • Follow up your email or letter in 5 working days, ideally by phoning them. Don’t make the mistake that they will call you if they are interested. Emails in particularly can be very easily forgotten as some inboxes might get 100’s of emails per day. You are not pestering them, as most people will simply have forgotten about your email. When you speak on the phone don’t make them feel wrong about not getting in touch with you, and let them know that you are eager to speak to them. Try to find out how interested they are, and if not when would be a better date or time to contact them again. Put what you have learnt on your database with a note, and move on to the next potential client.

Good luck!


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  1. says

    Thanks for this. Most useful as I am just about to embark on my first email marketing campaign.
    (Prompted by a very profitable response gained by a friend of mine in a similar business – if he can do it I can do it- BETTER hee hee)

    I will let you know how I get on.

    • Patricia says

      Hi Stephanie
      Thanks for your comments. Twitter is great to find out about great stuff and connect with people, isn’t it. Have a look, we have got a couple of blog posts on twitter and social media and how we use them, and how you can use them for your business. Just search ‘twitter’ in the search box at the right top corner.

  2. says

    HI, I like very much the idea os sending a ‘real’ mail, do you have any suggestions about this ? the same as email simply printed in letterhead paper or something more creative ?



  3. says

    Hi Patricia
    you was recommend to me by a fellow maker as I’m about to a communications campain and this article has given me some great pointers. Many Thanks regards Mark

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