At the end of the summer, Etsy published its Market Place Insights: Etsy Christmas 2021 Trends , a brilliant report with information about the Etsy Christmas 20201 trends forecast with seasonal opportunities broken down by category. It’s a timely reminder that Christmas shopping really does start early – especially this year!

This Etsy Christmas 2021 trends report is based on Etsy search data and industry research. It truly is an invaluable resource for any creative who wants to sell more online this Christmas!

We’ve gone through the Etsy Christmas 2021 trend report and picked the six most important findings for designer makers, creative business owners, and handmade businesses to help you get the most from the upcoming holiday selling season. Plus we share Etsy’s own tips for a successful Christmas.

trend 1: Shopping with Meaning

Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson was asked to sum up her predictions for the 2021 Christmas season in one word. The word she chose was “meaning”.

She says that whether people are making their homes extra festive or choosing extra thoughtful gifts, shoppers want to celebrate this Christmas with intention. Sayna says, “People will be looking for ways to make traditions shine bright this year, because we know it’s more important than ever to treasure each connection.’.

With this focus on meaning in mind, consider items that can help shoppers find added significance, spread joy, or bring a little extra sparkle this Christmas.

Think personalised, bright and cheerful, but also ethical and sustainable!

trend 2: focus on the traditional etsy Christmas trends

Below is a short list of some of Etsy’s past Christmas season bestsellers:

  • Puzzles, especially children’s name puzzles
  • Custom and personalised portraits
  • Personalised name signs
  • Wall art (such as pin maps, macrame hangings, or signs with sayings)
  • Personalised name necklaces
  • Small leather accessories – keyrings, cable ties, etc
  • Super cosy knits
  • Mugs and glassware
  • Gift boxes and sets
  • Greeting cards
  • Stocking fillers

Very few surprises there! Of course there are some very familiar and even obvious gift options in there, but see how you can add any of these to your product collection, with your own unique twist?

Also many of these are niche gifts are great to use as key words in your Etsy product descriptions and tags, and also as hashtags on Instagram. Might be very obvious, but by using these keywords that people are searching for it’s much more likely that they will find you online.

trend 3: for christmas Jewellery

Jewellery and accessories always play a huge role in the Christmas gift market but also help people complete their Christmas look, and beyond the season to accent their everyday wear.

In 2021, the main jewellery trends for Christmas are:

  • Statement makers: There’s an appetite for fresh materials like porcelain and ceramics. Chunky gold metals, updates on pearls, and clever charms all add to this trend for unique statement jewellery pieces.
  • Big, bold brooches: Tying in with the statement trend above, larger-than-life brooches have the potential to become Christmas showstoppers. They are perfect for gatherings and parties and also bring cheer to December Zoom calls!
  • Carnelian jewellery: Starting off as a TikTok trend, carnelian (a semi-precious stone with a red or reddish-white colour) jewellery is attracting shoppers with its popping and festive hues. The colour freshens up festive looks by appearing in necklaces, earrings, and rings throughout the season.
  • Everyday elegance:  Classic casual jewellery is always in demand, especially personalised pieces. Easy-yet-thoughtful gifts like custom name and initial necklaces, earrings, and rings are key Christmas bestsellers. Birthstones are another popular personalisation trend.

When you are promoting your jewellery on social media point out how much they are on trend. Use hashtags like #carnelianjewellery and #boldbrooch to stand out and get found.

Birthstones are always a bestseller (all year round!) so make sure you include keywords like ‘birthstone January’ or ‘January birthday gift’ in your product title, product description and again as hashtags on your socials too to get found. And yes … it’s garnet!

trend 4: christmas at home Trends 

Christmas at home is a going to be major this year as people want to celebrate in person and make up for all that time spent apart.

The Christmas home will be the focal point with festive decor, activities, and entertaining items key to these gatherings.

Especially look at:

  • New hosts: The boom in new homeowners will create first-time hosting needs and housewarming gift demand. Essentials like cheese boards, fabric napkins and tablecloths, ceramics and glassware or gifts like candles will be big!
  • Return to entertaining: People who haven’t hosted for a while will also be more motivated to up their entertaining look!  Tableware, table centrepieces, and linens may see increased demand as shoppers welcome guests back into their homes.
  • Rustic touches: For Christmas décor there is a focus this year on bringing the outside in with natural elements such as branches, dried foliage, wheat, and fruit. This makes for the rustic, fresh-from-the-field look. Woodland creatures also evoke this natural, rustic charm.

Use great lifestyle images showing Christmas entertainment & gorgeous food. Show the detail of your ceramics and wood to show off that rustic and natural look. And of course use the right hashtags and keywords.

trend 5: for fashion & Clothing

The Christmas season clothing trend is a mix between the comfort people have grown accustomed to in lockdown and the dressier styles as people start socialising more.

  • Staying comfortable: Everyone has grown used to and grown to love the casual staples we’ve all been wearing these past 18 months. With the weather starting to cool down, cosy knits may well come back strong.
  • Relaxed yet refined: Offer dress-up looks that can still feel easy with loose, unstructured shapes and simple silhouettes.
  • Top dressing: Working from home attire remains strong so continue to focus on above-the-waist dressing with blouses, shirts and festive T-shirts that reflect the season and which are perfect for virtual Christmas gatherings.
  • Party sparkle: Offer a LOT more sparkle this season with the potential return of in-person events.
  • Novelty items: Core seasonal staples like the ugly Christmas jumper will be back. In the UK, Christmas Jumper Day takes place on December 11th. As family reunions increase, the trend for matching clothes like personalised (and photo-worthy) family name sweatshirts and same print pyjamas will grow in popularity.

Cosy does always well from October onward, so use that as a keyword and hashtag in combination with your creative products. Really show gorgeous blankets on sofas and generous scarves in the wind!

And don’t forget to highlight your lights, lampshades, candles etc too in these darker days.

Yes, using hashtags like #ChristmasJumperDay will get you traffic! You can even show your own jumper and have a bit of fun.

trend 6: Weddings are Back!

Weddings are finally back and are more creative than ever. While some couples are returning to classic pre-pandemic wedding styles (big formal parties), others are embracing change and keeping the 2020-21 trend of smaller nuptials going strong. Consider the full range of customer needs when thinking about stock for this season’s weddings

  • Mini-everything: Scaled-back ceremonies have shown that even downsizing can feel decadent when enough attention is paid to the details. Offer diminutive options like small vintage-inspired bouquets, miniature trees as decor, petite centrepieces, and even tiny individual wedding cakes.
  • Warm welcomes: Smaller guest lists have resulted in greater focus and budget on the little things. Welcome bags are getting swapped for decked-out wedding boxes packed with custom favours and treats. This trend also works well for making remote wedding guests feel part of the affair. Don’t forget welcome signs; these are taking on extra significance as couples finally wed after long delays.
  • Unconventional wedding colours:  Bright, bold blues are very popular in marriage décor at the moment and brides are moving away further from tradition in favour of black wedding dresses. Etsy imagines this trend could grow this winter season, pairing well with moody dark florals.
  • Natural attraction: The outdoors continues to set the scene for weddings, with couples searching for forest weddings and woodsy themes. Think rustic wooden décor, lush greenery, dried foliage and pressed flowers.
  • Salvaged style: For couples whose aesthetic is more shabby chic than luxe, consider offering items made from found objects. Decor made from old books or suitcases, antique keys or mismatched vintage furniture. Within stationery, create the effect of age with frayed paper edges.

Really focus on niches here and use keywords and hashtags that are really relevant. And of course many brides shopping on Etsy are looking for DIY materials too to personalise their special day.

5 Etsy’s Tips for a Successful Christmas Season

The Etsy Christmas 2021 trend report finishes with their top tips:

  1. Introduce giftable items early and keep reminding your audience about them to capture early, peak, and last-minute shoppers. This year people are nervous and shopping much earlier than usual. (The recent hike in UK shortages and fuel have increased this trend too!)
  2. Offer personalisation options, and stock early to allow time for customisation. Remember that many Etsy shoppers love making and DIY!
  3. Cater to a wide range of gift recipients, including shoppers who may be self-gifting. How can you tweak your item or listing to appeal to additional ages or genders?
  4. Show off what makes your items giftable in your photographs. Photograph gift wrap and card writing options and share on your website, Etsy shop, and socials.
  5. Catch those last-minute shoppers with digital downloads, items with quick turnaround times, ready-to-dispatch items, and fast delivery. Don’t forget to offer gift vouchers too – especially for experiences or online training you will deliver in Spring 2022!

What Christmas trends have you seen around? Do Etsy reports like this influence you in any way? Do let us know in the comments below.

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