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Costing Pricing your creative work confidently course logo Feb 2022

This practical but thought-provoking online course will take you step-by-step through the stages to cost & price your creative products and services confidently.

Over 10 hours you will go into depth into how to calculate your cost price and hourly rate, how to price for wholesale, how to increase your prices and (finally!) charge what you are worth, to creating a financial forecast to make your creative business profitable. In the Q&A session we also go into depth how to cost & price workshops.

We hosted this course over 5 consecutive mornings in February 2022. You can still join this recorded course now till 31 August 2022 when it will be closed for new students. You will have access to the course, the recordings of the 5 sessions till 28 February 2023, so that you can learn at your own pace.

You can pay in full now or in two monthly installments.

We will be hosting this course live again in the Spring of 2023.

Price £149 / $180 (Inc. UK Tax)

the key facts:

  • 5 online recorded workshops of 2 hours each
  • Especially for creatives, incl. products, art, freelancers, craft workshops
  • Tutor: Patricia van den Akker, award-winning creative business adviser, trainer and coach
  • Time commitment: There will be 2-3 hours homework to calculate your own cost & retail price, and do your financial forecast.


Back by popular demand! Our Costing & Pricing Your Creative Work Confidently has been one of our most popular courses in the last few years.

Especially created for creatives, this live online course shows you EXACTLY how to do the calculations to cost your work and time, which common pricing mistakes to avoid, and will also give you the skills and confidence (!) to actually increase your prices or design fees and make your business profitable.

This course is full of creatives practical exercises and expert advice to charge the right prices and fees for your products, art, illustrations, design services, commissions, craft workshops and more.

Whatever stage you are at with your creative business, costing and pricing your work professionally and confidently will be crucial for your success.

In 5 sessions of 2 hours each we will take you through the key steps to become more confident in charging confidently – from costing to pricing your work, to what to do if you are too expensive or too cheap, to how to charge what you are worth.

session 1: Do you charge enough? Costing your creative work – 2hours

  • Why is costing & pricing your work so difficult?
  • How to calculate your cost price, wholesale price and retail price (with the easy 7 step calculation which shows you which costs to include)
  • How to calculate your hourly rate (as a freelancer)
  • Homework: Calculate your cost price or hourly rate
  • Why charging an hourly rate might be a mistake for your creative business
  • Why keeping time sheets is so important (with examples of time sheets)
  • BONUS: Get Excel templates to calculate your cost price, wholesale price, retail price and hourly rate

session 2: Pricing is an art form – 2hours

  • What’s the difference between costing & pricing?
  • The 5 most common pricing mistakes creatives make
  • 15 ways to price your creative products & services. Which ones are best for your creative business?
  • Homework: Decide on the right pricing strategies and start to price your creative products or services properly.

session 3: Pricing for wholesale + what to do if you are too expensive – 2 hours

  • What are the challenges when you start selling wholesale?
  • Why do shops and galleries charge so much commission?
  • Homework: Create a visual price list (for trade)
  • 12 ways to increase your prices confidently and charge what you are worth
  • Homework: Create a mini-action plan to increase your prices

session 4: How to make your creative business profitable – 2 hours

  • The big 3 Financial Question Exercise to make your creative business profitable!
  • Homework: Set a financial goal for 2022 and create a financial forecast for 2022
  • What to do if your numbers don’t stack up. Practical and strategic solutions to make your creative business profitable.
  • How to become more confident and charge what you are worth.
  • Homework: Create a mini-action plan with practical actions & strategic decisions to make your business profitable and you more confident!

session 5: pricing of commissions & workshops & q&a – 2hours

  • In this final session Patricia talked about some common costing & pricing questions:
  • How to create a quote & proposal for a creative service or commission
  • How to budget, cost & price (online) workshops
  • How to talk about money with your clients
  • And for this final session 3 live participants were selected to share their costing & pricing challenges. And Patricia answered some quick questions around recycled materials (they are not free!), percentages for wholesale and online shops, and pricing of e-books and patterns

meet your tutor

patricia quote

Patricia van den akker


Patricia has developed this practical Costing & Pricing your Creative Work Confidently course over the last 10 years. This is the first time she will be running this online course in the last two years.

She knows why costing and pricing your creative work can be so difficult … because it’s often a combination of things: You need to know what your costs are and how much time it takes, so there is maths and calculations involved. (And she will give you those calculations in this course!)

But then there are ‘softer’ and more psychological elements like what is the perceived value for the client, how well known or unique are you, and what are your client prepared to pay for your creative products and services? Plus … how confident are you to charge what you are worth?

In this step-by-step course Patricia will tackle all these different elements around costing and pricing your creative products & services so that you know how to charge properly in the future. She will give you the knowledge to calculate your cost price and hourly rate, but also how to avoid common pricing mistakes, how to raise your prices and influence how your clients might see you and position you, and … she will give you a confidence booster too!

Patricia has been a creative business adviser, trainer and coach for over 25 years, and has worked with 1,000s of creatives. She loves talking about money and challenging creatives to get them to tackle their finances! To get you into action to charge the right amount, and to create a more profitable business.

Be prepared to do the practical home work exercises in between the sessions to make the most of this course.

Got any questions about this practical online course?

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  • Who is “Cost & Price your Creative Work Confidently” for?

    This 5-day live online course is designed for creatives at any stage of their business who want to cost and price their creative products and services properly, and confidently!

    Whatever your creative skills or products (from handmade jewellery to giftware), craft workshops, creative services and beyond, we will help you to charge the right amount for your creative work. 

    You might be a recent graduate, a part-time maker or you might have been selling for many years … if you want to learn how to calculate your cost price or hourly rate, how to increase your prices, or why shops charge so much, or you want to create a more profitable business in 2022 this practical online course is for you.


  • This is an online course. What if I am not very tech-savvy?

    The Design Trust is an online business school and Patricia has been teaching online for over a decade now, and has worked with 1,000s of creatives, so she knows how to create engaging online courses. 

    We do make it as easy as possible for you to join the live workshops, and to access the private online learning hub for this course for the next 12 months. You can post your costing & pricing questions and your homework at any time in the next 12 months.

    The 5 online workshops will take place on Zoom and you sign up in advance for each session individually if you want to join us live. You will get a reminder email and then you can join us live, where you can ask questions via the chat.

    You just need to have access to a computer with reliable wifi to join our online classes.

    Can’t make it live? No problem at all! You will have access to the recordings for the next 12 months, so you can do the course at your own pace.

  • Can I get extra support if I get stuck?

    We encourage you to ask questions during the live workshops, or you can post additional questions and your homework (incl. the calculation of your cost price and hourly rate) on the private hub. We will then give you feedback or extra tips.

    The final session on Friday 4 February includes ‘hot seats’ where we will invite 3 participants to share their specific challenges around costing and pricing their creative work. Any participants can put themselves forward for this live online coaching.

    Plus Patricia will answer as many costing and pricing questions on this Friday too. 

  • Can I share this course with a friend?

    Sorry, you can’t.

    When you purchase this course it’s for you only.

    If you work in a formal partnership then you can share it, but please do not share with others who have not paid for this course.

    Like you, The Design Trust is a small creative business and this course is based on our 25 years+ experience. It’s full of our proprietary knowledge and copyrighted strategies. Please do not share it with others.

    We can provide access to Costing & Pricing Your Creative Work Confidently in bulk or as a group course. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more.


  • Can I get a refund if it’s not for me?


    We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. That means that if you decide the course isn’t for you, you can claim a full refund any time BEFORE your first scheduled online workshop on 31 January 2022.

    All you have to do is request your refund in writing to [email protected] before that date.

    If you suspect you might change your mind about the course, please make a careful note of the date of your first workshop.

    Once the course has started we are unable to give you a refund.

    Remember that if you are unable to attend the live sessions then you can catch up with any recordings for up to one year.

join today … and start charging what you are worth!

Price £149 / $180 (Inc. UK Tax)