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TDT Dream Clients

Do you know who your ideal clients are for your creative products & services? Who would really love to buy and commission from or work with you?

Who would you truly love to sell to or work with? Do you have a clear idea of who they are, where to find them, why & when they buy from you, how to market yourself to them? Do you have a contact list with their names & contact details?

Really knowing who your dream clients are (at a deeper level than just their gender & age!) is fundamental marketing knowledge that’s essential for any creative business owner who wants to succeed. More than that … it will help you to create more unique products that people love to buy, to position yourself properly, and to get the confidence to charge what you are worth.

In this short course you will identify your dream clients (both consumers & trade clients) and get to know them with a series of creative & market research exercises (homework!) and learn how to approach your ideal clients confidently with a variety of specific successful approaches.

This is an essential course if you want to make your creative business more successful, viable and personal!

We hosted this 5 hour course with 3 online workshops live in July. You can still join this practical short course till 31 August, when we will close it for new students. You will have access to the course, incl. the 3 workshop recordings, presentations and the private hub to ask your questions and post your homework till 31 December 2022.

You can join and pay in full or in two monthly installments below:

Price £99 / $120 (Inc. UK Tax)


  • 5 hour strategic but practical online marketing workshop with 3 workshop recordings: to identify your dream clients, get to know them & approach them
  • Identify your specific client groups and create a client contact list for your creative business
  • Get much more clarity on who your ideal clients are, and why, where and when they buy
  • Creative homework exercises to identify, get to know, research & approach your ideal clients. Post on our private course hub to get extra feedback & support.
  • Outcome: Get much more focused & confident around your ideal clients so you’ll create more unique creative work, position & charge professionally, and get better at marketing yourself and your work.
  • Tutor: Patricia van den Akker, director of The Design Trust

Who are YOUR dream clients?

Who would you really love to work with? Who would love to buy your gorgeous products or services?

Do you know?

Do you know who they really are? Beyond their gender and age? Have you ever really thought about who & why people buy or commission your creative work? What makes people want to buy from you specifically? What’s really important to them when they browse, search, see your work?

What stops your potential clients from buying from you?

Can you visualise your ideal clients and are they real people or much more abstract and unclear? Are you a little scared of your clients because you don’t really know them?

Have you done any practical & reliable market research so it’s much more likely that you will sell what you make?

Really understanding who your potential clients are will help you so much when you are creating new products & services with their actual needs and wants in mind.

When you are writing your product pages, emails and social media. When you are talking at events.

Do you know how to approach them?

How to stay in touch without being too salesy and pushy?

Really understanding your dream clients,

getting to know them at a deeper psychological level,

and knowing how to approach them professionally will make a huge difference to you and your business.

This practical Dream Clients online course will give you confidence to create more innovative and unique work and focus on your talents and niche. Rather than guessing all the time, you will have done the research and will know who wants what you offer, and who will happily pay for it!

You will start to recognise your ideal clients and know where and how to approach them much more confidently … at events, online and directly.  

Patricia van den Akker from The Design Trust working on a computer

“DREAM CLIENTS” – a 5 hour half-day online workshop

This practical online marketing course is taught by Patricia van den Akker, the Director of The Design Trust, and consists of 3 connected workshops:

session 1: Identify your ideal clients (1h36″)

  • In this first workshop, we’ll start with why your clients are important (it’s about much more than just getting sales & orders!) and we will start to sketch out who YOUR dream clients are specifically. We’ll show you why it’s much easier to identify trade clients than consumers.
  • Do you find it difficult to identify your ideal clients? We will introduce 4 (homework) exercises to help you identify your ideal clients.
  • We will discuss a very common challenge that stops many creatives from identifying their dream clients. This might really help you to become unstuck!

session 2: Get to know your ideal clients (1h43″)

  • The 5 fundamental client questions that you’ll need to be able to answer if you want to get more interest and sales.
  • The 5 creative & research exercises that will help you get to know your ideal clients much better, incl. client personas, empathy mapping, interviews and questionnaires. As creative homework we invite you to create an ideal buyer persona & collage, which you can share with us in our private course hub for extra feedback & advice.
  • How understanding & really knowing your ideal clients in more depth can help you fundamentally – throughout your business – from creating better and more innovative products that people want to buy, to how you write and talk about your work. And most of all it will give you inspiration when creating new work and confidence when dealing with potential clients.

session 3: How to approach your dream clients professionally (1h52″)

  • We will start working with our marketing mantra: “People only buy from people they know, like & trust” and you will identify how you can build your profile, credibility & trust with your dream clients.
  • The 4 stages of the selling process and what you’ll need to do to move your potential clients through these steps to get more sales and orders. What do you need to focus on to get more sales?
  • The 6 most effective marketing techniques to get actual sales. Find out what really works to get sales, orders & commissions.
  • We will share with you specific ways to approach trade clients and consumers successfully.
  • And we will finish the day with tips on how to stay in touch in a friendly, non-salesy way and how to get more repeat business.

This is an intensive but very productive online course! At the end of this short course you will leave with an action plan to get to know your ideal clients, and to start approaching them professionally.

We will give you some homework exercises, and you can also share your questions & homework after the workshop on our private course hub.  This is a great opportunity to get extra advice and support from us.

boost your knowledge & understanding of your dream clients.

get confident & creative in approaching them.

Price £99 / $120 (Inc. UK Tax)

At the end of this course you will …

  • Have a list of specific potential clients to approach. A great start to get more interest & sales!
  • Understand which market research exercises to use to identify and get to know your ideal clients better.
  • Create a client persona & collage about one of your ideal client groups, and have answered the 5 fundamental client questions about them too.
  • Realise that understanding your ideal clients at a deeper level can help you with many aspects of your creative business
  • Understand the fundamental difference between identifying & approaching trade clients versus consumers, and how to approach either more successfully.  Find out what really works to get better clients!
  • Be much more knowledgeable about the 4 steps of the selling process and which exact marketing techniques you can use
  • Create your own mini action plan to identify, get to know and approach your dream clients so that ultimately you will be creating a more sustainable and profitable creative business.

Who is this workshop for?  

Creatives who want to learn how to identify, get to know and approach their ideal clients professionally.

Small businesses who want to learn fundamental marketing skills that will help create more unique products & services for ideal clients, be more inspired and more confident when dealing with the clients that are right for them and their creative business.

A new creative business owner at the start of their career who has never really thought about who their ideal clients are and have tried to sell to anybody and everybody realising they need to focus more on the right people to make it more likely that to get sales, orders or commissions.

Creative businesses who are not selling very well at the moment and realise that they need to focus more on marketing. It’s your job as a professional creative to identify & reach out to your potential clients! Without marketing or clients you don’t have a business.

Creative businesses who want to start selling to shops & galleries, or to higher end clients. Do you know where to start? Who they are? Where to find them? How to approach them?

Business owners who are feeling overwhelmed by trying to serve loads of different clients without the time and energy to work with everybody.

Businesses who have made major changes in their business and need to review what you do and who your clients are?

DREAM CLIENTS is a fundamental strategic but also very practical marketing workshop that will have an impact on all parts of your business. It’s full of thought-provoking questions and creative exercises that you can do with a very limited marketing budget. With loads of creative and inspiring insights.

This 5-hour workshop and the homework exercises will give you food-for-thought and inspiration for many weeks and months to come.  It might fundamentally change & improve your creative business for the long term!

And it will help you to get off the hamster wheel and focus on who you really want to create for.        

meet your tutor

patricia quote 1

Patricia van den Akker
director of the design trust, creative business adviser

Patricia van den Akker is the Director of The Design Trust. Over the last 25 years she has worked with 1,000s of creatives as a creative business adviser, trainer and coach.

Patricia gets very inspired by her creative clients …. YOU!

Working with your dream clients can be truly inspiring. By really listening, getting to know them, talking to them you can find out exactly what they are looking for, what they want from their purchase or commission.

Instead of being a little scared about clients and marketing, you can instead really connect and be proud when you work with the right people. This in turn will push you to create even better, more meaningful creative products and projects.

You will get more confident in your own talents. Your marketing becomes much easier. You create a business that you are proud of serving people you love to work with and for.

We created DREAM CLIENTS as a strategic but practical workshop to show you how getting to know your niche clients and how to approach them properly will boost your confidence, creativity and yes long-term profitability too.

That’s what we want to teach you in this 4-hour course: to give you the fundamental client knowledge you will need, practical homework to get you to discover your dream clients, and to give you the confidence to approach them creatively.


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  • I am a very new business? Is this course for me?

    It depends … if you are a pre-starter who is still thinking about what creative products & services to sell then this might be too advanced.

    However, if you have got a pretty good idea what you want to sell then this practical workshop can really help you to get more focused, and save you a lot of time, energy & money too.

  • I have been going for a while. Is this course for me?

    Absolutely! Many of our students are creatives who have been in business for several years.

    Many creatives are currently struggling with their business and are not selling enough. Or maybe you need to change your business model, or focus on a specific client group?

    Or maybe you never really learnt fundamental marketing or really thought in depth about who your dream clients are?

    Getting to know your ideal clients and finding out how to approach them can really help you get more interest and sales.

    It can help you stand out from the crowd. And get your mojo and inspiration back to create more innovative products & services too!

    Our online courses are a great way to get access to really practical and strategic marketing knowledge, and to study at your own pace too.

  • What if I am not a creative business? Can I still join this workshop?

    The Design Trust is an online business school for designers, makers, visual artists and other creative professionals. That’s what we do and what we are experts in.

    (Hint: it’s very good to have a clear niche!)

    However, we often get clients who are not a ‘creative business’ in the small sense of the word … they might be working in small lifestyle, health, or food businesses. They are sole traders or freelancers working in related areas.

    And with a bit of imagination you will be able to make this workshop work for you too!

  • How can I get this course with 20% off?

    Do you want to get a 20% discount?

    We are offering 20% off this workshop to our Business Club members. To join our Business Club and get access to over 150+ online recordings on a wide range of small business topics click here. 

    We share the discount code that you need to use on the Business Club homepage.

    If money is a little tight at the moment then you can also pay in two monthly installments – one today and one in 30 days’ time.

  • Can I share this course with a friend, fellow creative or students?

    Sorry, you can’t.

    When you purchase this half-day workshop it’s for you only. You purchase a license for one person.

    If you work in a partnership with one partner then you can share it, but please do not share with others who have not paid for this course.

    Like you, The Design Trust is a small creative business and this workshop is based on our 25 years+ experience. It’s full of our proprietary knowledge and copyrighted strategies. Please do not share it with others.

    If we find out that you have shared then we will immediately remove you from the course and we will not allow you to join any future courses. If you infringe our copyright then we will take appropriate legal action against you.

    We can provide access to this workshop in bulk or as a group course. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more.

  • Can I get a refund if it’s not for me? Or I haven’t got the time to do it?


    We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. That means that if you decide this workshop isn’t for you, you can claim a full refund any time before 11 July 2022 at 10am (UK) when the course starts.

    All you have to do is request your refund in writing to [email protected] before that date. If you suspect you might change your mind about this workshop, then please make a careful note of the date. Once we have published this workshop we are unable to give you a refund.

    Remember that if you are unable to attend the live session then you can catch up with the recording in our private course hub till 31 December 2022.

join “DREAM CLIENTS” today

Price £99 / $120 (Inc. UK Tax)