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We have done all the hard work for you! In this beautifully designed, 58-page downloadable e-book we have selected the most important business resources for creatives (571 in total!), including books, must-known organisations, websites, magazines, apps, podcasts and much more! With clickable links and organised in chapters you will save yourself a lot of research.

From creative and cultural business support organisations and funders, to our favourite finance books and online marketing sites, to productivity apps and podcasts.

Price £9 / $11 (Inc. UK Tax)

the key facts:

  • 571 hand-picked business resources for creatives
  • Easy to download to your computer and use whenever you need to
  • Packed full with our recommendations to save you time or to inspire you to find out more
  • Fully updated for 2022
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Now in its third year of publication, The Design Trust Ultimate Resources Guide 2022 is packed full of our recommended business resources for designers, makers, illustrators and other creatives.

We have done all the hard work for you to give you the most up-to-date list of handy business organisations, websites, books, apps, podcasts and more. It’s like getting access to our ‘black book’ full of useful contacts!

Beautifully designed (with 58 pages) and very easy to use, The Design Trust Ultimate Resources Guide shares 571 hand-picked, small creative business resources in 11 chapters, including:

  • Our favourite creative & cultural business support organisations, websites, grants & awards, crowdfunding, creative business & finance books, copyright, insurance, accountancy software, Brexit resources and other key UK government support.
  • Our recommended online selling, social media and email marketing blogs, experts, e-commerce software, creative online market places, directories & portfolios, and useful apps for your website and SEO. Plus our own favourite social media accounts to follow on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Our favourite resources to help you sell, including UK craft fair & design event organisers, support organisations for UK and international shows, popups, exhibition & stand display, packaging, retail experts and wholesale.
  • Our favourite branding & photography books and experts, free stock photography sites, recommended packaging companies and CRM software.
  • Our recommended productivity & time management books, apps and tools, as well as IT solutions and creative freelance support.
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updated for 2022

We have checked every listing again and have added more Brexit resources and online teaching platforms.   

Each handpicked resource has a direct link to the website, app, book or organisation and from the contents page you can click through directly to the page you’re interested in.  

Downloadable & printable PDF with 58 pages A4 landscape.

Keep The Design Trust’s Ultimate Resources Guide 2022 as a file on your computer. Click on any resource and you will go straight to the right website link.

The Design Trust Ultimate Resources Guide 2022 is super useful and will save you lots of research time. Or just browse through it to get inspiration and details of organisations & funders that can help you and your creative business or simply to get podcast or book recommendations.

Price £9 / $11 (Inc. UK Tax)

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