Do you struggle with your confidence? Is it stopping you from starting or growing your own creative business? From marketing yourself to the wider world? From asking the right price for your work?

Many creative professionals (both new and more established!) struggle with confidence. In this in-depth FREE video training I’ll share my personal confidence tips for creatives, with very practical solutions to get you back into action!

confidence tips for creatives – a free video interview

In this 75min free video interview I share my personal reflections, thought-provoking questions and practical solutions to boost your confidence. In this video you will learn:

  • How labeling yourself as ‘not confident’ can feel like a cosy blanket, but it can also make you feel more stuck. Dig a little deeper beyond your ‘confidence’ to find out what’s really going on and driving it.
  • Many non-confident people think that everybody else is much more confident than they are. But confidence is one of the most fluid emotions. It’s not fixed at all! It’s a skill or behaviour that can be learnt and like a strength can be grown only through practice … I will share with you one of my most thought-provoking and fundamental confidence tips for creatives with you!
  • What’s real confidence any way? Who are your role models when it comes to confidence? And what can you learn from them? What are your definitions of success?
  • What else might it be rather than confidence? Do you need more practice and research or just get on with it? Are your expectations based on real-word experience? Or is your perfectionism getting in the way?
  • And what can you DO to boost your confidence? I share my practical-get-back-into-action confidence tips for creatives. Expect some great creative exercises to build your resilience too! Indeed: stop thinking and start taking action!

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2 Responses to “[Free video training] 5 Confidence tips for creatives”

  1. The idea that confidence is a fluid thing is a great concept to me and gives me hope! Of course, not everyone is confident all the time and as you so srightly say, those that appear to be, are quite often the ones that aren’t that confident, deep down. I’m going to try and tell myself that I am confident to see if I can make it so! 🙂 Sometimes you can put on a mask and pretend, but I guess after a while pretending, it becomes natural and part of what you are, maybe? Self fulfilling prophecy and all that!

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