Are you feeling overwhelmed? Too much to do? So many jobs and responsibilities … within your creative business and in your life?

Don’t know where to start? Or what the next step needs to be?

Too many distractions from social media or life events?

When we recently surveyed our creative clients about their specific business challenges the ‘feeling overwhelmed’ topic came up a lot!

Feeling overwhelmed is very common. It seems a bit contagious even … especially with so many distractions and world events occupying our minds right now.

In this free video training I share 5 thought-provoking questions about feeling overwhelmed, so that you can dig a little deeper into what’s really going on, before we get to some really practical solutions to overcome your overwhelm, especially for creative business owners. In this 68min video training we will work together on:

  • When do you feel overwhelmed? When you have got a lot on, or is it more depending on different types of pressure? (Look out for the monkey story!) Do you need to build your resilience and if so, how do you do that?
  • You will feel a lot more overwhelmed if you are not looking after yourself. What do YOU need to nurture yourself? I will share some really simple techniques that you can use too.
  • Who or what is causing the pressure? You, others, or is it broader than that? How much control have you got over the outcome? And I highly recommend Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Framework if you are struggling with expectations, your own and others’.
  • Do you like being busy? Many creatives do! Because we often get easily bored and we don’t want to be tight down! And because we often want to feel that we have ‘given it our all’ too.
  • But when does this ‘liking to be busy’ turn into ‘too busy’? And how much are you adding to overwhelming yourself? How much do you add drama with too many products, not wanting to choose, and too much social media? What is really going on underneath all that? What do you gain and what do you loose by feeling overwhelmed?
  • My practical solutions and activities including: how to get it all out of your head and onto paper (with some great exercises, are you doing the right thing at the right time, and the importance of unstructured time that I learnt myself the hard way last year.

Watch this free video training for creatives now

2 Responses to “[free video training] feeling overwhelmed? 5 thought-provoking questions + solutions”

  1. Deborah Irvine

    I thoroughly enjoyed the session on being ‘overwhelmed’ as this has held me back for years! I have finally taken the lead and setting up my small business.
    Your wise words ‘don’t compare your beginnings with someone else’s middle’ really resonated with me. Also, realising I am not alone with this feeling and the support network from my accountable group is helping me hugely! I have devised a timetable for work and domestic stuff and put blocks on my screen time… I feel empowered, motivated and that I am winning rather than drowning. Thank you 🙏🏻

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