Are you juggling too many jobs in your creative business? Feeling ‘behind’ all the time? Want to get better organised and make the most of the quiet and busy times in your creative business?

As a creative business adviser, trainer and coach I have worked with 1,000s of creatives in the last 20 years. And over time I created a really handy visual planning tool: a one-page-one-year business plan for creatives, which you can purchase here.

Why is a one-page-one-year-business-plan useful?

Many creatives spend most of their time on making and creating. Many hours are spent in the studio to make, make and make some more!

But … if you want to start or grow your creative business then you also need to work on the other two crucial parts: marketing and finance!

This one-year-one-page business plan for creatives video will show you how to juggle all the different parts of your business in the short and the long term, so you can make time for the jobs and people that matter, and that will move your business forward.

what will you learn in this FREE business plan FOR CREATIVES video

I have created a 75min free video training that dives deeper into how to create your own visual business plan for creatives.

In this free video training you will discover:

  • The two different types of business plan for creatives, and which one you might need.
  • Why set plans and goals for your creative business?
  • The 8 specific steps to create your own one-page-one-year-business-plan for your creative business, including:
  • identifying what you really want to do and achieve in the next 12 months – set clear goals and actions in each part of your creative business incl. marketing, finance and production.
  • how to break big jobs down into smaller chunks so that they become more do-able
  • how to make the most of your quiet and busy times (many creative businesses are seasonal with very quiet and busy times) Use the different seasons to your advantage instead!
  • how to make time to DO the work (and how to start doing and stop just talking about it!)
  • and how to stay on track with your goals and actions.

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